We have found that our clients want to make the most of their views, and we have found a way to give them what they want.

There are two types of views we focus on, views out your windows, and interior views.

Views out your windows

We strategically move walls and doors to increase the visibility of your windows from more locations at the same time that we are adjusting your rooms to meet your functional goals. This means that daylight will penetrate further and when the sun shines in, it will cover more floor space, and the natural light in your apartment will increase.

And you will enjoy longer sightlines that extend your view beyond the walls of your apartment. These views out your window also include the bright indirect light of the sky on a bright day.

Your enjoyment increases, and the long-term value of your home increases, according to an NYC real estate appraiser with whom we spoke.

Interior views

Another key characteristic our clients have found is, when we maximize views within their home their space feels bigger. Fundamental to our designs is that we combine adjacent small spaces with the adjacent spaces they serve. We make floor-to-ceiling doors.

These combine to maximize space and create more space is visible in one glance. Our clients enjoy more of their living space more of the time.

We create delight when we move walls because we know how to maximize your apartment’s views!

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Allegra Kochman

Allegra Kochman

About the Author

Allegra has a BA with Honors from Dartmouth College and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. She aims to write straightforward and practical content for those who want to gut renovate their homes.