In this article, we differentiate between chat GPT and human writing and describe a new perspective in residential gut renovation.

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What makes this blog special is our New York City-centered insights unavailable anywhere else on the web. In addition, we write about life through the lens of gut renovation. You will learn what will make your renovation and many challenges in your life delightful. We write about stress, time, and budget with a focus on making your experience as enjoyable as the final result.

A dark steel box with structure along the top and at the corners and no visible walls sits in a rural setting.

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I am Allegra Kochman, an architect in New York City and founder of AKA Insight. We focus on residential gut renovations in Manhattan and have a process that delivers delight.

This blog content will deliver a new point of view, one that prioritizes your experience and results. In addition, we will use words and images to provide meaning — not just search results. Make sure you get all of our insights; sign up here. You will walk away with helpful information, which will set you up for success.

West End Grand Five Before, During, and After

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Wondering what makes us different? Renovating your home can be stressful, and we have developed a process that delivers delight. From concept to completion, we focus on your satisfaction and creating a home that reflects your unique style. Learn more about our process and how it can set you up for success in your renovation journey.

Before: This bedroom corner has floor-to-ceiling windows on the East wall to the right and a solid wall on the left. After: The wall dividing the home office (previously a bedroom) from the living room is now a triple-wide pocket door that unites the floor-to-ceiling windows in a wall of daylight. Both rooms have cove lighting to provide the option of light without glare.

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Your home renovation is an exciting moment in your life, and you should be able to enjoy it just like our clients. Discover our techniques here. Elevate your own lived experience of your gut renovation process, and enhance your experience of your home. We share our approach and methods for thoughtful redesigns, prioritizing our clients’ long-term satisfaction and well-being. In addition, we have created a process that facilitates delight. Hear directly from our clients, who continue to relish the results of our collaboration months and years later. Find their comments here.

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Allegra Kochman

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