What makes this blog special is our New York City-centered insights. You will learn what makes a renovation delightful, how to maximize your views, how to get the most light, how to open dead spaces, and find storage. You will learn what impacts your timeline, secrets to fast approvals, and how to lower your stress. We will demystify how to think about your renovation budget.

I am Allegra Kochman, an architect in New York City and founder of Allegra Kochman Architecture. We focus on residential gut renovations in Manhattan and have a process that delivers delight.

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[West End Grand Five Before, During, and After] we will make the experience and the result delightfulphotos: Eduard Hueber © archphoto.com

Your home renovation is an exciting moment in your life, and you should be able to enjoy it just like our clients do! We help homeowners who are looking to transform more than their kitchen and bath. We specialize in NYC gut renovations, and we implement a process that delivers delight, read more about how [HERE]. Our clients tell us how much they are still enjoying the results of our work together months and years later; read their comments [HERE]

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Allegra Kochman

Allegra Kochman

About the Author

Allegra has a BA with Honors from Dartmouth College and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. She aims to write straightforward and practical content for those who want to gut renovate their homes.